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What To Look For In A Moving Firm

When choosing a moving or removals company what should you look for? While many may appear as though they offer much the same choice, is it really a simple case of haggling over price? Like many things in life its worth taking a moment to consider what you are actually getting for your money. All movers will approach the job differently and offer a range of extras beyond simply moving your possessions on a particular day.

You can begin to formulate your judgment based on the initial treatment you receive from the person answering the phone in the office. Any face to face contact will also be an influential factor. Although these people do not necessarily represent how good or bad the entire service will be, it’s nevertheless surprising how often discourteous treatment will run throughout the whole of an organisation. A well run moving firm will have your best interests at heart and this is usually evident at all stages.

Assessing the bulk of what needs to be moved can be a tricky task. You want to employ a professional outfit who will be well versed in making these judgements. Definitely get their office to send someone out. If you get the feeling the sales person is foundering somewhat, you may be concerned they’ve not much experience of dealing with whole house moves. You want them to be fully prepared for how much stuff you have. Equally you don’t want to pay for storage, people or vehicles you don’t need. By the same token you don’t want the moving company to turn up on the day of your move without adequate resource to shift all that you own. Get a firm quote for the move and get it in writing. If you’ve already got an agreed completion date for your move make sure this is relayed to the removals company in plenty of time. It would be a shame having to use your least favoured firm just because they’re the only ones available.

If you are first putting your items into storage or moving overseas, this may well change your criteria a little. While you’ll want a quality conscious firm not matter how complex the move, you may be better looking at some of the bigger organisations if your move is more involved. Does the firm cover the items they are moving? What happens if your 50” TV gets dropped or your antique dining table loses a leg? It’s no use just assuming things are covered. Ask the question and get it in writing.

Finally quiz the movers as to how the move will run. What time will they turn up and how long do they expect it to take. Again, a good firm will have experience of timescales for various sized moves. Ask about any packing materials, boxes, tape and bubble wrap they can supply in advance of the move. If there’s little on offer then you will have to spend time begging boxes from your local supermarket. Most good movers firms will happily supply you with what you need well before move day. Packing up much of your small items yourself will give you opportunity to label everything up, as well as chance to clean out the items you no longer need.

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