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Top Tips To Help You Move House

Moving into a new house will often be the realization of dreams plus many months or even years of planning and saving. Although you may be looking forward to living in your new home the actual day of the move can feel a little pressured to say the least.

Like many things in life, a little planning can help reduce the stress. Prior to the actual move date it makes a lot of sense to review what's going with you and what can be thrown out. Moving house is a great opportunity to sort through everything you own and make decisions on some of those items you've been holding onto but never used for years. Don't forget some of your old things may be good for charity shops. Donating something to charity also makes the process a lot easier knowing you've put items to good use and not simply designated them as scrap. Cupboards, wardrobes, loft and garage are some of the best places you'll have stored these kind of possessions.

If you are using a moving firm they'll usually supply you with a certain amount of boxes and packing materials but it's always useful to collect what you can from supermarkets and the like. Newspapers are also well worth hanging onto in the run up to your move as they make excellent padding for fragile items. Some of your small ornaments and fragile objects can be packed up into small boxes well in advance and added to the larger boxes that the moving company will prefer to handle. Check to see if you've still got the original box your TV or computer came in as it'll be the best fit, especially if you've still got the made to measure polystyrene packing.

If you are planning on doing the whole job yourself, don't underestimate the task. Get your gear packed up early and get a feel for the size of van you'll need. Go bigger rather than smaller (so long as parking or actually driving it isn't a problem) as this will save you from making a number of trips. If the journey from you old house to you new one is a fair distance, a big enough van will cut the traveling time. Time which is better spent unpacking at the other end. Price up the cost of the van you need and find out if you can save a little by hiring it during the week instead of the weekend. Get plenty of help from friends and family if at all possible, as you've soon run out of steam on your own. Those big items such as washing machine, wardrobes, and double bed will nearly always need two people to lift, especially if stairs are involved. A good parcel trolley (sack truck) will also be a great help and save you a lot of muscle power. The compromise could be to use a man with a van, there are plenty to choose from who'll charge for their time by the hour.

All that said it may be just as well to get a professional moving company to do the job. This will almost certainly reduce the stress and leave you free to manage the process of 'what goes where' in your new house. This way you'll most likely have your possessions in some sort of order much more quickly. You can concentrate on tasks such as cleaning out the space where the fridge goes rather than worrying about manhandling the fridge from the van. Many moving firms will help you pack everything if you wish. But it's usually worth leaving just the biggest items until move day. Even with the best intentions things can still get damaged in the move so moving insurance is worth checking. Good removals firms will be members of the British Association of Removers so do check out their credentials.

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