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Selling Your House in a Tough Market


Getting hold of a good estate agent is one of the most obvious places to start. You need to weigh up the costs objectively and consider what the agent offers before jumping onboard with the cheapest price. Like so many things in life, you get what you pay for. Check out the local newspapers and consider the type of adverts and layouts agents place. Is their website engaging and easy to search and navigate? If you’ve used agents before to arrange viewings of other properties how were you treated? Did the agent know his / her stuff and provide you with the information you needed? One little trick always worth remembering is if your house sits in a popular area with several other houses displaying for sale boards, you can get lucky by just putting your own board up. Anyone serious about your area will soon notice you’re on the market and make enquiries. You can even put together you own brochure should anyone ask for it. Yes it can be a little invasive but many people do sell by doing just this.

Price is the big difference between getting people through your door or not. If you demand top price the house needs to be something special. The trick is to get people interested enough to view. Many will be conjuring with figures making assumptions as to how much they can knock you down to the price they can afford. If you start too high people may feel you won’t come down on price by the level they need. It’s a little like going to an auction. Stating price is everything. Once people are bidding items can reach big figures. Start too high and the bidding never gets going.

While you wait for eager buyers there is no better time to put a new coat of paint on a few rooms that may need it. Clean the house from top to bottom and dress the house to win buyers over when they do come through the door. Don’t forget the garden both front and back. Buyers are increasingly interested in outdoor space for entertaining and the like. In the same way you vetted the local estates agents do the same for solicitors. If you’ve used someone previously did they do a good job or is it time to find someone more efficient? Ask friends and family if they can recommend someone. You may have periods where you think you’ll never sell and then a buyer comes along who wants to move in a rush. If you’ve got solicitors appointed you can do all the legal things with the minimum of delay.

A really quick sale can catch you on the hop. If you are still considering properties yourself it’s easy to get in a panic and plump for something that isn’t your ideal. In such circumstances it could be worth considering renting until you are completely happy about your next purchase. If you do rent then it will mean moving twice in a short period of time and possibly storing some of your furniture. While getting prices from removals companies it’s worth asking about their storage facilities and prices. It can all seem a bit of a hassle but if it helps you get a quick sale at the right price it can be an option that works. As a prospective buyer in rented accommodation you’ll be treated like gold by estate agents. It can benefit you in getting a good deal by being in a position to pounce on a property when others are unable to move so quickly.

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