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How to Save on Moving Costs

Moving house is never a cheap exercise. Once you’ve made the decision to move the inevitable cavalcade of fees begin to accumulate. Solicitor fees, estate agent fees, property searches, the list of fees can seem pretty daunting. But when it comes to the actual move there are a few ways to save a little.

The most obvious starting point is to look at the options of either doing the move yourself or hiring a professional removals company. There is also a compromise option of using a man with a van which is becoming ever more popular. For each of these choices look at the costs and think about the quantity of items you need to move. Are you happier leaving the whole job to someone else or are you keen to pitch in a bit? Distance is also a factor to consider. Do you need a large removals van to get all your furniture across the other side of the country in one go or will a small van be all you need to move in your local area? Whichever option you go for there are some great ways to save a little.

First things first, get rid of things you no longer need. You’ve either got to move yourself or pay for someone else to move everything in your house, so there’s no better time to reduce the load. Check with removal firms or van hire companies if there is a cheaper period in which to make your move. Assuming you have flexibility on move dates this is possibly one of the easiest ways to save money. Even offering flexibility on the time of day could help get you a bit of a deal.

If you use the services of a removals firm get a breakdown of their charges beforehand. It may be possible to identify areas you are happy to cut out and sort yourself, such as help with packing or packing materials etc. Get a fixed price and make sure it’s all you need. Is the piano catered for (should you have one) or are you likely to get hit with an extra charge if itwas overlooked in the initial quote? If you have some very large items like boats, motorbikes etc, check how the costs add up. Is it more cost effective to hire a trailer and move them yourself? When you are considering large items quiz the removals firm over insurance. This is possibly the main divide between paying professionals or going cheap. There’s no benefit penny pinching to find an expensive item gets badly damaged and there’s no one to claim off. If you use a man with a van or simply hire a van it’s always worth checking to see if your regular insurance with cover the move or if indeed you can pay a small fee to cover it.

Most importantly - be organised. Pack things well in advance and start disassembling large items of furniture as it saves a lot of panic on the day. Avoid rushing as these are the moments things get broken, torn or scratched. You are best taking your time labelling, boxing and protecting sharp edges on things which could easily put a mark in something else as they move about on the van.

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